About the Competition

A Celebration in 2014 in Prince Edward Island and across Canada will recognize an important milestone in Canadian history, as we mark the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, which paved the way to Canadian Confederation.  This celebration has sparked the collaboration of Newspapers Canada and PEI 2014 through a newspaper competition entitled “The History of Canada in the Nation’s Front Pages”.

This one-time national competition will celebrate and award newspaper stories that have made front page news.  The competition will be administered by Newspapers Canada on behalf of PEI 2014. A series of categories representing a range of subject matter has been developed with the intent of building a collection of stories about significant and uniquely Canadian events, issues and people.  Entry categories will include Canadian Politics; Canadian Sports; Canadian Heroes; Canadian Arts/Culture/Entertainment; Canadian Science & Technology; Canada at War / Canadian Armed Forces; Canadian Communities; and Canada on the International Stage.

Stories dating from 1864 to present day will be eligible to compete, and will be judged based on the category in which they were entered.   Furthermore, along with a panel of industry experts, we will also be calling on the general public to help select the winners from each decade.

PEI 2014About PEI 2014

PEI 2014 aims to create an unforgettable 150th anniversary year that will celebrate and commemorate the historic Charlottetown Conference of 1864 and Prince Edward Island’s role in the formation of Canada. More than a celebration, 2014 events will remind us that PEI is where great ideas are born and Canadians from coast to coast to coast are invited to collaborate and participate. That key moment in Canada’s history may have taken place in Charlottetown in the smallest province in the nation, but the repercussions were far-reaching indeed. The 2014 anniversary schedule will embrace the whole country with regional and national themes and an opportunity for all participants to play a role in the celebrations. PEI 2014's activities will also provide the stimulus for the national Sesquicentennial of Canadian Confederation in 2017.

PEI 2014 Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose principal role is to lead the planning and execution of the 2014 program, acting as a catalyst for the celebrations. Broadly stated, PEI 2014 will honour the past, celebrate the present and plan a bold tomorrow.

For more information: www.pei2014.ca

Newspapers-CanadaAbout Newspapers Canada

Newspapers Canada contributes to the ongoing evolution of the newspaper industry by raising awareness and promoting the benefits of newspapers to advertisers, media planners, and creative agencies. Newspapers Canada offers a range of services for the benefit of newspapers and the business community, including the Community Wire service, conferences and educational programs, advertiser resources, and industry research and statistics.

Newspapers Canada is a joint initiative of the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. In 2008, the two organizations entered a strategic partnership to better serve the needs of its membership. Combined, CNA and CCNA represent over 850 daily, weekly and community newspapers in every province and territory in Canada.