Newspaper Name: Trail Daily Times
Province: British Columbia
Town(s) Served: Trail, Rossland, Fruitvale
Published: 02/15/1968
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Nancy Greene moved to our region when she was three years old and learned to ski on the fabled Red Mountain (first ski lift in Western Canada), which looms over our community. Her talents took her to the top of the alpine skiing world in 1968 when she won an Olympic gold medal in Grenoble, France. Her victory not only put our community on the national map but spawned a ski league in her name that continues to this day to promote the sport among children. Her success also encouraged another local skier, Kerrin Lee, to take up the sport , which led to her Olympic gold in 1992. Nancy Greene was recognized as Canada's female athlete of the 20th century. Many of her family members continue to live in the Trail area. A nearby lake is named in her honour and she continues to be a great ski ambassador for our region as well as the entire country.